Street Snapshots with Olympus Pen F

“Welcome to My Tea Stall” ISO200 25mm F1.2 1/160

Recently I tested the Olympus Pen-F with the 25mm F1.2 Olympus Pro series lens.  I had the opportunity to do a round of street photography with the Pen-F at Georgetown Penang.

Flickr Pen-F Album


The size of Pen-F is compact and it is quite similar with my Fuji X-100T. However, when I fitted the body with the Olympus 25mm F1.2 Pro series lens, the size of the combo becomes bulky. All in all, I found that the overall size of the combo still allow me to shoot with inconspicuous.

ISO200 25mm F4 1/500
ISO200 25mm F5.6 1/1000
“Patrons at a Coffee Shop” ISO 200 25mm F5.6 1/100
ISO200 25mm F2 1/1250

Here are my overall impressions :

  1. Fast and accurate autofocus.
  2. Touch control AF at the monitor, it allows me to shoot by positioning the camera at the chest level and swiftly triggered the shutter by touching on the monitor. I achieve high success rate of good quality street photos. In contrast to the normal way of shooting through the viewfinder, the subjects tend to feel intimidated when they see me compose and focus at eyes level. I miss out the spontaneous gestures of the subjects.
  3. Superb optic quality of the 25mm F1.2 Pro Lens.
  4. Good “out of camera” jpeg files.
  5. Light and compact size of the camera. It allows me to shoot with discreet while on the street.

Flickr Pen-F

Thanks for reading.

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