Reasons I like the Sony A7s

Oh no ! I spent money on another camera again. It is a Sony A7s.  I have already had a Leica digital M system, Canon DSLR system and the Olympus Micro Four Third system. Do I really need this camera ? After testing the camera for a week, I found good “excuses” and “justifications” for my impulse purchased. Here are why :

1. Variety of Lens OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This camera allows me to shoot with many variety of lens with a proper adapter. I am using  a Novoflex  adapter for my Leica M mount lens (21mm elmarit-M, 35mm Summicron M, 50mm Summicron M, Canon 50mm 1.4 LTM and 90mm elmarit-M). The focus peaking and focus point magnifying feature of the A7s are easy-to-use and practical when shooting with a non FE mount lens. The technique of shooting with focus peaking or focus point magnifying are quite easy to master. After a few trying, I was able to get good focusing on my subjects and it is no different as compared to the rangefinder focus patch system.

Photographed with an vintage Canon 50mm 1.4 LTM lens
Photographed with an vintage Canon 50mm 1.4 LTM lens

2. Size OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Sony A7s is a mirror-less camera. It is built without a bulky prism, thus it is much more compact as compared to a DSLR. The compactness of the A7s makes it unobtrusive when doing street photography.

The subject did not aware that I photographed him from a close distance.
The subject did not aware that I photographed him from a close distance.


3. Superior High ISO Capability

This camera is capable of capturing photos at very high ISO with superb image quality. The photos retain good details with minimum noise. Here are some photos captured at ISO 4000 to ISO 6400. Click on the link to view the photos at maximum resolution.

ISO 4000

ISO 5000

ISO 6400

A7s Gallery (High resolution files)

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Street Photography In Panoramic Format

When shooting street, occasionally I encountered a certain decisive moment where the subjects came together and were best suited to be frame in panoramic style. The Hasselblad Xpan is my preferred camera capturing panoramic street photos. The Xpan (bundled with 45mm standard lens)  is the most compact size film panoramic format camera. It is less intimidating to the subjects. Secondly the loading and unloading of film on the Xpan is simple, unlike the Mamiya 6 or 7 system, where you have use a special film adaptor in order to in 35mm panoramic format.

Taiwan Jiu Feng (臺灣,九分老街)Click on image for full resolution view



Georgetown Penang Malaysia (濱城 馬來西亞)

“Beggar 乞丐“






“Queuing at Food Store”




More at Xpan gallery:


In the seventh month of Lunar calendar, the Chinese community in Penang, Malaysia celebrates the Hungry Ghost Festival. Many believed that during this period the gate of hell is lifted spirits are free to roam the earth seeking for food and entertainment. I took this photo series at a ritual ceremony, where devotees offered prayers to the “大士爺“。 (Leica M, 21mm Elmarit-M, click on the photo for full resolution)