Street Photography In Panoramic Format

When shooting street, occasionally I encountered a certain decisive moment where the subjects came together and were best suited to be frame in panoramic style. The Hasselblad Xpan is my preferred camera capturing panoramic street photos. The Xpan (bundled with 45mm standard lens)  is the most compact size film panoramic format camera. It is less intimidating to the subjects. Secondly the loading and unloading of film on the Xpan is simple, unlike the Mamiya 6 or 7 system, where you have use a special film adaptor in order to in 35mm panoramic format.

Taiwan Jiu Feng (臺灣,九分老街)Click on image for full resolution view



Georgetown Penang Malaysia (濱城 馬來西亞)

“Beggar 乞丐“






“Queuing at Food Store”




More at Xpan gallery:


In the seventh month of Lunar calendar, the Chinese community in Penang, Malaysia celebrates the Hungry Ghost Festival. Many believed that during this period the gate of hell is lifted spirits are free to roam the earth seeking for food and entertainment. I took this photo series at a ritual ceremony, where devotees offered prayers to the “大士爺“。 (Leica M, 21mm Elmarit-M, click on the photo for full resolution)

Vibrant Yellow


Recently I had the opportunity to photograph a Hindu ritual event at my hometown. The devotees were wearing bright colour outfits, especially bright yellow clothes. Under the bright morning sunlight, it created a vibrant an colourful surroundings. I have been planning on my personal project of shooting a series of street photos with the motives and subjects of “Vibrant Yellow”. I managed to get a few keeper out of this shooting occasion.

Click the photos for larger and sharper view. (Photos were shot with Leica M with 50mm Summicron”)

Olympus E-P5 Does Street of Taiwan

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Taiwan for some business matters as well as some leisure time to do street photography. I brought along the Olympus E-P5 (with EVF2 attached) body and two lens (Olympus 17mm F1.8 and the kit lens 14-42).


Throughout the 5 days trip, I really enjoyed using the Olympus E-P5 to shoot street. Why ?

1. The system is very compact and not too visible to the subjects or people that I intend to take candid shots. (Click the photos for larger and sharper view)


2. The autofocus of the E-P5 is fast and accurate especially with the Olympus 17mm F1.8 (equivalent to 34mm) lens. The camera is able to get good focusing on the subject even on a low light environment.



3. The camera is able to produce superb jpeg files. The files are sharp, rich in color and details.



Here are the additional photos captured with the E-P5 system:

Street of Taiwan Gallery

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