Vibrant Yellow


Recently I had the opportunity to photograph a Hindu ritual event at my hometown. The devotees were wearing bright colour outfits, especially bright yellow clothes. Under the bright morning sunlight, it created a vibrant an colourful surroundings. I have been planning on my personal project of shooting a series of street photos with the motives and subjects of “Vibrant Yellow”. I managed to get a few keeper out of this shooting occasion.

Click the photos for larger and sharper view. (Photos were shot with Leica M with 50mm Summicron”)

Street Photography in China

I travel frequently to some coastal cities in People Republic of China (China). I discovered that it was tough to do street photography at these places. People are intimidated of being photographed. The following picture illustrates a common reaction by the subjects.

"Don't Shoot"
“Don’t Shoot”


"I am Shy"
“I am Shy”

“Face of Discomfort” is another common reaction of the subjects.

I even tried to communicate with the subjects by starting a conversation or asked for permission to take photos so that the subjects would not feel intimidated. On many occasions, the moment the subjects realized that I am a street photographer and would like to snap a photo him, the subjects walked away and “disappeared” from my viewfinder.


Another common reaction illustrated by the following picture; the fruit seller disappeared from the store upon seeing me pointing the lens on her.


On a few occasion, I do meet friendly people that allowed me to photograph their activities. There was motive for granting me the permission. The following photo illustrated what I mean :

"The Best Biscuit"
“The Best Biscuit”

The very “business-minded” owner was trying to promote his product, the best biscuit in town. After the friendly photo session, I ended up buying a few packs of biscuit. I supposed there is “no free lunch “.

I once met with a fortune teller when I was roaming  around the old alleys of Quanzhou. I saw him seated at the roadside with an interesting gesture. I hesitated to photograph the subject, I fear for unpleasant reaction.

"Fortune Teller"
“Fortune Teller”

The fortune teller upon seeing me he invited me to snap a few portraits of him. He said out loudly in Chinese, “come take a few photos of me and post the photos on the internet so that I would be famous, it will bring me more business….”

Was it the culture of urban Chinese that caused the intimidation ? A man with a camera that capturing photos at street is perceived as somebody from the “big brother” that is potentially “hazarded”. Or I am a lousy street photographer who had yet to acquire the skill of street photography.

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Leica M Voigtlander 21mm F4
Leica M Voigtlander 21mm F4

I saw this petty trader at a morning wet market at Georgetown Penang. She was busy dealing with customers that stopped by to buy fruits and vegetable. I made a few clicks with my camera. Upon my second attempt to trigger my shutter after re-composing my frame she saw me and waved at me and asked me not to photograph. I finished the shot and waved back as a gesture of “Thank You”.

Portraits of Charcoal Factory Workers

Recently I shot a series of portraits of workers at a charcoal factory. The photos were shot using the Leica M with the 35mm Summicron ASPH. I had the intention to use also the a 50mm focal length lens but due to the dusty environment inside the factory I decided not to change lens. (Click the image for sharper resolution)











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Leica M Does Night Photography

Ever since I received my Leica M, I was keen to test out the high ISO (ISO 1600 and above) capability of the new CMOS sensor. I decided to test it at my favorite food store. This food store is famous for its stir-fried rice noodles, where many patrons come here for their supper. The lighting was very weak at the location. The ambient lighting made it an ideal location for the testing. I shot this set of photos with the 35mm Summicron ASPH using aperture priority mode and set the ISO to auto ISO. (click the image for sharper view)

ISO 6400 F4 1/45
ISO 6400 F4 1/45
ISO 3200 F2 1/60
ISO 3200 F2 1/60
ISO 400 F2.8 1/30
ISO 400 F2.8 1/30

Previously with my M9, I limited my ISO usage to1600 and below. With the Leica M, I am confidence to use ISO 1600 and above in ambient lighting environment. What do you think ? Your comments are welcome.