Vibrant Yellow


Recently I had the opportunity to photograph a Hindu ritual event at my hometown. The devotees were wearing bright colour outfits, especially bright yellow clothes. Under the bright morning sunlight, it created a vibrant an colourful surroundings. I have been planning on my personal project of shooting a series of street photos with the motives and subjects of “Vibrant Yellow”. I managed to get a few keeper out of this shooting occasion.

Click the photos for larger and sharper view. (Photos were shot with Leica M with 50mm Summicron”)

Shooting Lion Dance with Leica 21mm Elmarit-M

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot a Chinese traditional lion dance event with the Leica 21mm Elmarit-M ASPH mounted on the M240. The very short minimum focusing distance of 0.7 meter allowed me to frame very near to the subject. Along with a 92 degree view angle, the lens enable me to capture dramatical effect of the subject. The lens felt very solidly built when holding on my hands. The focus ring was very smooth and manual focus with the 21mm Elmarit  was very easy and fast.

Click the photo for larger and sharper view:




Pros – (Good things about the 21mm Elmarit-M)

  • No color cast at the edges of the frame when use with Leica M240.
  • Superb optic that is capable of producing high quality picture even when shooting with wide open aperture.
  • Very solid built quality.

Cons –

  • Some minor flare occur (when the sun is positioned at certain angle).
  • Big lens hood. It blocks small part of the viewfinder.
  • Odd filter size of 55mm. Sharing of filters with my other lens (35mm and 50mm summicron) is not possible.
Some flares in the photo


Thanks for viewing.

Portraits of Charcoal Factory Workers

Recently I shot a series of portraits of workers at a charcoal factory. The photos were shot using the Leica M with the 35mm Summicron ASPH. I had the intention to use also the a 50mm focal length lens but due to the dusty environment inside the factory I decided not to change lens. (Click the image for sharper resolution)











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Gears Talk – My Leica M240


Sometimes it is a big risk to become an early adopter for a newly launched camera. My Leica M240 has to be away for a tour of Solms due to “precautionary checking” requested by the manufacturer. I might be probably without the camera for months. This morning I have completed the paperwork and packing and the camera is ready for en-route to Leica Singapore.



Hmm…… but I am not sad because another sibling of M will be joining me soon while the M240 is away, the Leica MM :).